BIG BLOCK Mechanic’s Scrub

BIG BLOCK Mechanic’s Scrub



Homemade in small batches, this soap is made for those who aren’t afraid of getting dirty. Still, we all like to clean up at the end of a long, hard day. This ultra scrubby soap gets its torque from a combination of orange essential oil, pumice, walnut shell and borax. This soap is a sleeper; not the most attractive, but she has the horse power to get you through to the finish line! This is the perfect gift for a mechanic. This soap would also be great for gardeners, ranchers, butchers, farmers, painters, loggers...the list goes on!

A blend of orange essential oil, with fragrance notes of blue spruce

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Many of my listed soaps contain different ingredients from one to the next, but that is what gives them their farmhouse charm by using whatever is on hand! If you are looking for a soap with a specific ingredient, let me know! I may have just what you're looking for in the works or on the curing rack! Keep in mind, it can take several weeks to cure (even more for some soaps!) I can ship about 6 soaps in my smallest shipping box option. 

Details about this listing 

Weight: approx. 9 oz bar of cold process soap 

Dimensions: approx 3.5x 3” x 2”

BIG BLOCK size soap!


List of ingredients since it's nice to know what you're getting into...(The shower with!)

Ingredients: Coconut oil, water*, olive oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide**, walnut shell, pumice, borax, orange essential oil, walnut oil, lemon juice, dendritic salt, fragrance



*Water will, or at least mostly evaporate out by the end of the curing process

**Keep in mind NO sodium hydroxide (lye) is present in the final product, but is necessary in the production of homemade soaps made from oils or animal fat. Because the labeling of clean, old fashioned soap is largely unregulated by the the U.S. FDA (as long as you're not making any claims as to it's healing or cosmetic properties etc) you may find others label their ingredients differently, using phrases such as "saponified oils of..." or the name for the end-product of the saponification process. For example:

Sodium Olivate (saponified form of olive oil)

All mean the same thing! A chemical reaction between lye and oils/fat has occurred! I prefer to label all the initial ingredients going in the soap batter. If you have any questions, let me know!


Since it's my motherly duty, I would also like to add, please don't get soap in your eyes. It will burn no matter what! 

Also, please know I care about my customers, and do my best to label but cannot make guarantees for those with known sensitivities or allergies to any of the ingredients in any of my soap collection since all are made on the same equipment in the same facilities (cleaned between uses) and share close quarters on a curing rack.