Charcoal Plus

Charcoal Plus

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Homemade in small batches, this cold process soap with features goat milk, activated charcoal, ground pearl powder and Hawaiian black sea salt. With the addition of essential oils including tea tree, patchouli, sweet basil, ylang ylang, and spearmint, this bar smells uniquely clean, herbal and sweet all at once. Definitely not your typical tea tree and charcoal bar! It’s like bringing the spa to you! Although this soap is a dark grey, the lather stays white and rather fluffy and the bar is particularly long lasting. It is a nice all around soap, for face, shaving and body.

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Details about this listing
Weight: 3 oz bar of cold process soap (some of these are more)
Dimensions: 3”x3”x1”
I have found this to be the perfect manageable handheld size! 

List of ingredients since it's nice to know what you're getting into...(The shower with!)
Ingredients: goat milk, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide*, sweet almond oil, safflower oil, Hawaiian Black sea salt, dendritic salt, green tea seed oil, essential oils of (tea tree, patchouli, sweet basil, ylang ylang, spearmint.) pearl powder, activated charcoal