April 13, 2019 - Hard Lessons and Farmer's Markets


Well, shoot. I actually started writing my April newsletter several weeks ago….but then I lost steam. Hence the wrong “posted date'“. I had planned so many wonderful updates about having a lamb in the house, the joys, the challenges. That was before we lost our lamb, Mauri. Although there has been more life than death, as a farmer or rancher, you tend to expect it to happen sooner or later. Except, it never gets easier and failure is a hard pill to swallow. Those special needs babies, they find a way of wrapping themselves around your finger. To say I learned a lot from the experience would be an understatement. Did I do the best I could, filing through information to grasp how best to handle things? Yes. Can I do better next time? Yes, I’d say I believe so. I hit hit curve ball after curve ball with Mauri, and won some victories and yet still struck out. Sometimes, time alone is not your friend. I learned several valueable skills and lessons at the same time. Mauri, although bringing lots of joy, also brought me back down to earth. Despite the loss, I would still say that this first lambing season has so far been a success. The oldest lambs are due to begin weaning soon. It really has gone by that quick. Let’s hope it continues to go well.

Other than the usual sheep stuff, I’ve been puttering around, getting prepared for the Kalispell Farmer’s Market starting May 4th (please see Events Calender for planned attendance.) Keep in mind, dates are subject to change. I always update Saturday mornings on my Facebook whether or not I’ll be attending, so if you are hoping to catch me, make sure you stay in the loop! Been slowly, but surely working on my New Goat’s Milk soap line. As usual, they will be made with essential oils. However this time, I will also be using strictly natural colorants to go with that theme. Although I would have liked to have it introduced that collection by now, sometimes, you just have to slow down pace for your own sanity. Using a different soap mold than I’m used to for Goat Milk soaps has proven to be yet another slight learning curve I have dreaded. For those that don’t know, milk soaps require a little extra amount of attention to get juuuust right. See below for sneak peak!

My thoughts on this? All these difficulties and inconveniences are teaching me more patience than I know what to do with. In turn, these lessons are also helping me improve my craft and shepherding abilities. I am one step closer every day.

Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing some new and familiar faces at the Farmer’s Market!



Hungarian Lavender - Goat’s Milk Soap

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