Mar. 23 2019 - Spring is Here!

Whew, life got crazy for a bit there and I almost missed March!

Well, it’s been some time, and quite a bit has happened since February’s newsletter way back in the throes of frigid winter. It’s hard to imagine those cold temps now that we’re living in the tropical 50’s. Spring has arrived, and so have the first lambs! So really, this month I’ll give you want you all REALLY want… baby lamb pics!

So far we’ve had three lambs, all sired by Chancellor. A single ram lamb out of Clarice. Then twins from Gretchen, a colored ram, and a white ewe!

Still waiting on the 2nd wave of lambs from Doris and Chelsea. Doris will be next to lamb and Chelsea? Who knows….

Meanwhile, I’ve just been playing some catch up… as is the story of my life! Been working on a PROPER work area in my basement for my soap studio, fiber arts and a spot for a new to me, Union loom. The DIY house projects are killing me but will be so worth it once done. It really does make a difference in my productivity!