Jan. 16 2019 - New Outlook for the New Year

With the New Year, promises of change abound. The theme for this year is “Focus and Stability”.

I am feeling very optimistic about it!

Let’s face it, last year, I put too much on my plate and this year. Although I will be making a few changes to my product, and adding a few new things such as mill spun yarn and roving, it is a drop in the bucket to the earth shattering changes of last year. (sold a home, spent half the year house hunting, moving, remodeling, adding sheep to our life and building that infrastructure, and just soooo many other things besides raising three small boys that took away my focus.) So glad to have turned that page in my life and moving on to bigger and better things.

A few things to look forward to:

Shearing is coming up this weekend!

Millspun Yarn and Roving will come available and will be processed by LaVonne at The Wool Mill (I am very excited about this!)

I am working at getting a larger loom that I can get things done more efficiently, and possibly partnering up with a fellow fiber enthusiast…. I won’t into too much detail at the moment on that yet, as those are still plans ready to be warped. Don’t want to jinx myself, you know!

I will be making changes to my soap line, particularly the Goat Milk Soaps. They will be made into my Signature rectangular bar instead of the rounds. As much as I love the rounds, and how it sets that line apart, packaging in such large volumes has become somewhat of a bear to keep up. Good news, is that the bars will be bigger and I will be able to more easily add design elements.

With lambing on the horizon, Sheep Milk soap may also become a possibility!

I am participating as an Official Fiber Provider in the Shave ‘em to Save ‘em challenge put on by the Livestock Conservancy. It is a great way to help support farmers of RARE breed sheep, as well as gaining awareness to these breeds and their unique qualities. I will be posting more on that later, but they do have a website and FB page if you are interested.

I may be partnering up with my uncle Rick in upping my game on candle production. This would include a new line of 100% PURE MONTANA GROWN beeswax candles, in addition to my established Soy-Beeswax Blend candles.

One of my “wants” for 2019 is obtaining a Drum Carder for making art batts. This is still a dream, but I will not beat myself up if I don’t get one this year….One…step…at…a…time…. I tell myself

Exciting times ahead!

I know my first newletter is short and simple, and nothing extravagant by any means…. I thought it was important to give a quick low down of what’s going on this side of things. I have been neglecting my website, and in general, been poor at keeping inventory up. I am painfully aware. Between all about last year that was stated, and the holidays, AND a last ditch effort to finish my kitchen, I just felt it was important to wait until I was a little more focused to get-er-done!

Lots of Love,

Emily Hartman

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