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Q. How is your soap made?

A. In a nutshell, the old fashioned way. No, I don’t go out and make my own lye (sodium hydroxide) but it IS used in the process. I mix a solution of lye water with melted oils, blend, and additives such as color and fragrance to “make it my own”.

Q. Is your soap all natural?

A.Ultimately, there is nothing governing the use of the term “all natural”. I use fragrances and different micas and pigments in some of my soaps, yet others I use essential oils and natural colorants such as clays and botanicals.

Q. Are your any of your soaps melt and pour?

A. No, I do not work with melt and pour.

Q. What kind of Goat Milk do you use?

A. The kind straight from the goat! No powdered goat milk here! And no, they are not my own goats. I buy locally sourced goat milk from various producers here in the Flathead Valley.

Q. Do you make sheep milk soap?

Not yet. Although it may be a possibility in the future given special circumstances.


Q. Why do you blend Soy and Beeswax?

A. To me it is the perfect blend of getting a smooth but long burn time that can tolerate maximum fragrance load.

Q. How long do your 8.5oz candles burn?

A. Between 45-55 hours! It does vary due to environment. For example, I candle in a humid bathroom will burn differently than a candle in a large open living room, or even a windowsill placed directly in the sun.


Q. Do you sell Wholesale?

A. I am currently working on this for 2019!


Fiber and Woolens

Q. Do you make all THIS!?

A. That is a loaded question. Yes, I make the handwovens, knits and yarn. The wool is not always produced by me. Sometimes I use other fiber enthusuiast’s yarn in my project, as I appreciate ALL types of yarn. But I will be the first to admit, I don’t have the patience for making “traditional” yarn…but I sure like to buy it and mix with my artsy homespun for added texture! I do like to support my fiber friends! Besides, there is SO much different types and qualities of fiber, it is nice to branch out. Some wool is finer and more suitable for next to skin wear. Other wool is more course, but more durable and more suitable for outerwear.

Q. Do you take custom orders?

A.Yes I do! Within reason anyway. Pricing will vary depending on wool being used, size, and intricacy. I don’t always have time or resources for commissioned work though, but it never hurts to ask!


Q. Can I buy your sheep?

A. It depends. Other ACTIVE members of the Leicester Longwool Sheep Breeders Association will be given priority. Because this is a RARE breed sheep, it is important to keep up registered stock with people interested in the conservation of the breed. Sometimes it is inevitable that some will end up retiring or not suitable for breeding and will be placed in fiber flocks. Should transportation be an issue, let’s talk!


Q. Do you sell chicks?

A.On occasion. I usually have chick sales or started birds posted on my Facebook Page.

Q. Do you ship chicks?

A. Not at this time.

Q. Do you sell hatching eggs

A. Not at this time