Washed Leicester Longwool Locks - "Doris"

Washed Leicester Longwool Locks - "Doris"

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Washed Locks from my ewe Doris. After her vindictive attitude towards shearing, these are very well worth the wait (she is a…stabby thing…she goes for the jugular!) She also happens to be my best bud, so I can understand her taking it a bit personally…

Staples Ranging from 4.5-7”

offered in 1oz or 4oz* quantities

I will choose similarly structured bunches for best uniformity.

These locks will arrived picked apart, and organized, “tip to cut butt”

For me doing such a large batch, the tips stayed ivory, but with a little more attention in smaller batches, I was able to get it whiter. For dyeing, the ivory tint doesn’t bother me.

Perfect for Art Yarn, Doll Hair, Dyeing Projects, Santa Beards, the sky is the limit!

*4oz quanties qualify for Shave ‘em to Save ‘em

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