Mixed Lot Dyed Leicester Longwool Locks "Doris"

Mixed Lot Dyed Leicester Longwool Locks "Doris"


Mixed Dyed Mixed Color Locks from my ewe Doris. After her vindictive attitude towards shearing, these are very well worth the wait (she is a…stabby thing…she goes for the jugular!) She also happens to be my best bud, so I can understand her taking it a bit personally…

1oz Mixed Dyed Leicester Longwool Locks from Doris

Staple Length between 3-7”

Some are more petite lamb type curls, vs the fat locks, but they’re from the same fleece (they are so cute!)

Very lustrous!

Use for Art Yarns, Doll Hair, or Felting!

Note: Due to the tendency to some particular colors to want to migrate, this is not recommended for wet felting projects.

*Purchase 4oz or more of this RARE BREED fiber to qualify for Shave ‘em to Save ‘em through the Livestock Conservancy. more info on this program, or sign up as a fiber artist (if you haven’t already).

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