About Mrs. Hartman


I was born and raised in Montana, left for a few years, then came back when the mountains beckoned me home again. Being the mother of 3 boys, I have never felt more inspired (and tired) but they have sparked a fire within me. My oldest once told me he wanted sheep. Not just any sheep, but “...a white one with a black face.”The reason? So he could, quote, “Be able to see it in the snow!” and so began my journey into the fiber arts. Although I was raised with lots of animals, sheep included, after the death of my mother I had never considered it again until that moment. It is funny how life has a way of coming full circle like that. And although at the moment, we still aren’t set up for sheep, I have made a promise to get that boy some of his own (and dang it, when we do, I assure you, they will be so impressive he WILL be able to find them in a whiteout blizzards or so help me!) *edit* I am proud to announce that in June of 2018, we will be adding a small flock of Leicester Longwool, making it the second registered flock in the state of Montana.

Other than the fiber arts, I have dabbled in many hobbies over the years, eager to learn one thing or another. One hobby usually leading to the next. However it wasn’t until I discovered soap making that I ever considered taking it further than just a hobby. At the encouragement and insistence of my husband, a company was born. My soaps are inspired by the farms, scenery, and scents of my home state, using local ingredients when available. After much deliberation on which direction I should go, and not wanting to limit myself by any one particular craft, I decided to just do it all. And so came about Mrs. Hartman’s Farmhouse Market. 

Never Stop Growing! 


-Mrs. Hartman


P.S. Special thanks to family and friends near and far, I would not be where or who I am today. You all are everything Mrs. Hartman’s Farmhouse Market embodies.

Never Stop Growing!
— Mrs. Hartman

Mr. Hartman

the encouraging man behind the scenes.